GTA 6 May Not Arrive Until 2025, But It Will Have Modern Vice City [RUMOR]


GTA 6: Many are dreaming of the moment when they will be able to check out the various new features present in Grand Theft Auto 6, but according to insider Tom Henderson (the same man who previously hit details on titles from the Call of Duty and Battlefield series) this should not happen before 2025.

The detail in question emerged in the new video released by Henderson on his YouTube channel, where he also mentions that GTA 6 should not be set in the 80s and adopt modern clothing, in addition to bringing several controllable characters, one of them being a specialized woman in technology.

Another detail said by him is the fact that the game has a possible system for expanding the map, with landscapes that would change according to some events triggered by the player.

It is noteworthy that, so far, no GTA 6 has been officially confirmed by Rockstar, so we should treat the data in this news only as a rumor.