GTA 6 may have smarter NPCs with new Rockstar patent


With more and more rumors circulating about GTA 6, today a new rumor was released on the Reddit forum stating that Take-Two seems to have registered a new patent to improve its gameplay systems. It is a “method and system for virtual navigation in a video game environment” originally registered in October 2020.

Take-Two owns Rockstar, which has produced all titles in the GTA franchise so far. In the new patent, the idea is that NPCs (those characters that the player does not control) have smarter artificial intelligence, with more organic reactions to the world around them.

Developers already felt limited by conventional systems and resources, which set a ceiling for how far NPCs could behave, with well-dated movements and behaviors. In the new patent, they may even have small personalities, such as some braver drivers on the road, while others are more shy and cowardly.

The only catch in this patent is that there is no explicit mention of GTA 6 in its texts, nor has any confirmation been made by Rockstar officializing that the game really exists, so it is good to keep your expectations under control for now. What would you like to see in the future of the series? Comment below!