GTA 6: fans are eagerly awaiting the new game teaser!


The CEO of Take Two has hinted that a GTA 6 teaser may be coming soon. Find out why. After the huge success of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar is now working on GTA 6. At least, that’s what everyone is hoping for. As of this writing, no teaser has yet emerged to give any hope.

But it will not be long to believe the statements of Straus Zelnick, the president and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar. He didn’t announce a teaser per se, but did give some info on the project.

You might as well warn you right away, don’t expect a GTA 6 release date. Straus Zelnick has simply let it be known that his company is working on multiplayer and single player modes. Indeed, the multi mode has taken gallons in recent years.

Therefore, some fans were worried about having only an online mode and not a single player. But as we let you know, Take Two is reassuring on this point. The President and CEO advising:

“We offer a range of experiences ranging from hyper-casual mobile to the most complex experiences. But also the most robust, in single player and multiplayer. And we intend to continue to do so. ”

Understand that GTA 6 should indeed be entitled to its single player mode once again. And that is great news.

GTA 6: fans are eagerly awaiting the new game teaser!


But why do we think a future game teaser will emerge with these statements? In fact, it is not thanks to the words of Straus Zelnick that we can make this hypothesis. But thanks to a job advertisement relayed by our colleagues at Express.

Indeed, Rockstar has just published a new list of offers on its site. One of them, arguably related to GTA 6. Since we can read: “In-game filming position for online and TV campaigns. ”

But also: “Our goal is to use internal video capture tools. For filming both cinematographic and game sequences. But also in a virtual 3D game environment. The successful candidate must have a strong taste for video games. ”

Rockstar looking for a pro person who will undoubtedly handle the future teaser: “He will have to prove his ability to capture cinematic moments in the game. And will work independently.” As part of a team. ”

It remains to be seen whether this is really a job for GTA 6. Or whether the company is looking for a competent person for another project. If so, she would take everyone on the sidelines and could disappoint more than one.

Unless Canis Canem Edit remastered is on the small paper. In this case, many people would smile again.


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