GTA 6 box opening broke a record in TikTok


GTA 5 has completed its 7th year as of this year. Before the game was released, there were many rumors as in GTA 6. Although the rumors about GTA 6 have been around for a long time, the real version of the game is a curiosity for now. As rumors circulated today, a TikTok user released the opening of the GTA 6 PS5 box sent from Rockstar Games. First of all, all of the content in these images is fake.

GTA 6 box opening broke a record in TikTok

The year 2020 is a busy year for the gaming world where Sony and Microsoft’s new game consoles and new generation games continue to work. As such, Rockstar Games, the producer of the GTA 5 game, which is the best-selling game in all fields, has also started to be talked about.

Although there is no concrete development about the GTA 6 game, neither on the game nor on the Rockstar Games side, some people are doing their best to come to the fore in this regard. Finally, a user named lucajvn on TikTok shared a video of the GTA 6 PS5 box opening, sent from Rockstar. The video was watched 420 thousand times in a short time and this number continues to increase.

It is not known whether there are those who believe in the GTA 6 PS5 disc box and other content in the video, but the number of those who say Rockstar Games should take drastic measures against these situations is quite high.


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