GTA 5 roleplay: What is it and how to start playing


GTA 5: We tell you what the roleplay of the online version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) consists of and what you need to start playing the fashion mode.Ibai Llanos and CooLifeGame’s (Jacky) new series, Marbella Vice, has brought together 153 Spanish-speaking content creators on an ambitious GTA 5 Online roleplay server. Over several sessions and weeks, all of them will make their own streams in which they will interact with each other playing various roles that have been assigned to them and all this will create hilarious situations and memories. This time we go to the root of the matter to explain what these servers dedicated to roleplay consist of, as well as the keys to start playing.

What are roleplay servers?

The possibilities offered by GTA V are practically endless and its Online mode leaves it up to each player to sow chaos in a crazy way and to their liking. However, would not comply with the rules, it would be precisely the most interesting to have this approach? Something like this is what roleplay servers offer, in which each player adopts a role (bus driver, policeman, etc.) and interprets it to adhere to the background that has been assigned and the rules of each server.

It is the role of a lifetime, but instead of being played on a board and with paper and pencil, it is done online. It presents a series of addictive components to witness, which have multiplied even more due to the impulse in visits that have given them content creators of the caliber of El Rubius. As you can imagine, there are a great variety of different situations in each server that we meet, so that each player interested in all this will be able to find their own path or create their own.


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