GTA 5: Programmer Recreates Game Using AI; Check The Result


GTA 5: Even after almost 8 years of release, GTA 5 remains one of the main study materials and modifications in the gaming world. Even Intel has already done research using the game. This time, a programmer went further and recreated part of the title using artificial intelligence.

The “feat” was done by Harrison Kinsley, owner of the sentdex YouTube channel. He used GameGAN to get the job done, an Nvidia neural network that can mimic game environments by simulating graphics engines.

The production took 2 months to complete and had the collaboration of developer Daniel Kukiela. Check out the video below with the explanation of the feat and the playable demo rolling.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Kinsley explained that he and Kukiela didn’t know much about the GameGAN tool, but that the process was moving forward after a lot of trial and error. “So we had to learn by doing, and we kept doing it,” he said.

The playable part of the project shows the car on one of the game’s highways and all the executions of the commands working as if it were the real game. The recreation also involves several elements that make up the scene, such as shadows under the car and reflections, due to sunlight.

Collisions, however, were among the problems encountered by developers. The neural network took time to understand what the expected reaction of a vehicle hitting another or the side of the road.

So, what did you think of the result of recreating GTA 5? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


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