GTA 5: Photorealistic Technology Leaves Game With Incredible Graphics!


GTA 5: Intel released this week the result of a new proprietary technology that manages to enhance images using artificial intelligence. The curious thing is that the company used GTA 5 to show the use of the photorealism tool. And the result is just incredible.

The work, which was carried out by Intel Labs, a research arm of the company, was published in the form of a scientific article and tells a little about the process. With a less complicated language, the brand released a video exemplifying the use of technology within the Rockstar game.

The experts explain that the solution serves to improve the quality and increase the realism of “synthetic images”, that is, that were produced by computer. These images are rendered again by an AI that “learned” about how lighting works in real life. Check out the video below showing the comparison between the original graphics and the improved ones in GTA 5.

In this process, each frame of the image is checked by the Intel computer, even after the improvement, which guarantees fidelity and similarity with the images that we see with our eyes.

The video impresses mainly by the shadows and reflections, which can be seen in the windows of the cars, for example. The coloring of the gameplay also gives the feeling that we are really driving the vehicle and strolling through the streets of Los Santos.

What did you think of the result of Intel technology in the game? Do you believe that it could be used to “give a talent” in which title? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!