GTA 5 Map Destroyed What Made San Andreas Great


Despite the overall setting, Grand Theft Auto 5 could not match the best qualities of the open world map of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The 2004 release of the crime simulator series took players to San Andreas, a fictional state based on California and Nevada as they were in the 1990s. The game features three large cities: Los Angeles replacing Los Santos, San Francisco duplicating San Fierro and Las Vegas-based Las Venturas. Grand Theft Auto 5 2013 returned to San Andreas and Los Santos, but unfortunately, this card is in some respects significantly less effective than its 2004 predecessor.

Many consider GTA: San Andreas to be the best game in the series, and this reputation is largely due to the open world map. Despite its relatively small size, the fictional state of San Andreas and its three major cities provide players with a huge amount of content to explore. Players can find and enter various locations such as garages, restaurants, gyms and shops that perform various functions for the main character Carl “CJ” Johnson. In addition to the main story missions, San Andreas is also replete with various secondary missions, including taxi driving, delivery, fire fighting, crime fighting and train driving. This huge amount of content means that every inch of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas map is filled with function.

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The fifth and final installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, released in 2013, brings players back to San Andreas and the city of Los Santos. The map of Los Santos in GTA5 is huge, and the surrounding countryside of San Andreas creates a truly huge open world map where players can drive, fly and wreak havoc. The game features a wide range of side effects for the three main characters, such as scuba diving and skydiving, along with the main story quests. Various venues, such as cinemas and nightclubs, may also be available to participate in various activities. However, despite the creation of a much larger and photorealistic version of San Andreas, GTA 5 does not match its 2004 predecessor.

GTA: The San Andreas map was much denser than in GTA5

Since it is much larger than the GTA: San Andreas map, the San Andreas version of Grand Theft Auto 5 seems empty compared to the original setting. Due to its smaller size, San Andreas had to pack dozens and dozens of actions and quests into a closely related area. At the same time, the Grand Theft Auto 5 map is much larger, which means that the content is much more scattered. Players usually have to travel specifically to get to side missions or additional content, which is why Los Santos looks more like a game map than a bustling city. In GTA: San Andreas, players could stumble upon a lot of fascinating content just by walking along any street, making the atmosphere lively and exciting.

While GTA 5 provides players with a huge open world to explore, the size of the map destroys the strict design that fans like in GTA: San Andreas. By adding more content to the game or perhaps slightly reducing the size of the map, the Rockstar developer could make Los Santos from GTA 5 more fussy. There are rumors that GTA 6 will recreate Vice City, and perhaps the next part of Grand Theft Auto will offer a richer setting.