GTA 5 Gets Ultra-Realistic Look Thanks To New AI Technology From Intel


GTA 5: Since its launch in 2013, GTA V has drawn attention for presenting very realistic visuals. When it hit stores, the game was one of the most beautiful and with graphics that were closer to reality.

Even this did not stop the emergence of mods with the aim of making the title look closer and closer to reality. Now, thanks to new technology from Intel, the fifth Grand Theft Auto seems to have come straight from the outside world.

Created by the trio of researchers Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu Alhaija and Vladen Kolten, the “Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement” project uses real-world imagery to create stunning graphics in the virtual world.

It works like this: using photos from a set called “cityscapes” (or cityscapes), captured in the streets of Germany, the process creates a portion of frames and fills the spaces of the game’s images with corresponding pieces taken from the photos. Yes, it’s complicated, but in the video above they give a small preview of the procedure at work.

The end result is a very realistic product, even by current generation gaming standards. The stark colors, the detailed asphalt and other elements that catch the eye as “false” come out. In their places, the asphalt comes in a little more blurry, more sober colors and much more, all based on our reality, giving an air of “real life” to the Rockstar game.

It is noteworthy that the procedure is not a simple color correction or just a blurring effect on the images, but rather a set of changes and replacements based on photographs taken in the real world. The system uses machine learning to generate stunning and extremely realistic visuals.


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