GTA 5 exploit allows you to earn millions (only for a limited time)


Thanks to the weekly update of Grand Theft Auto 5, players can earn millions of dollars by completing special cargo and warehouse missions. Since its release twelve years ago, Grand Theft Auto Online has maintained a relatively stable player base thanks to its dedicated gaming community and weekly updates. Every week, Rockstar Games releases fresh content with a new update, setting new goals and objectives for players. These rotating features include new missions, deals, cars, and modes, some of which are only available for a limited time.

To help players earn money, GTA Online offers free real estate that can be bought. Although there are many places and many unique ways to make money with property, owning a warehouse is one of the best ways to make money fast in GTA Online. The La Mes car warehouse in Los Santos costs $1,500,000 and is one of the most affordable facilities on the in-game market. As soon as the players invest in the property and sell the stolen vehicles that they regularly accumulate, the money will flow like a river. Buying additional vehicle depots to significantly increase the amount of money earned is one way to benefit from the initial investment.

Experienced players know how to use some crashes and updated GTA Online missions to earn more money or get RP. According to PCGamesN, GTA 5’s newest weekly update allows players to easily earn millions of dollars using special cargo and warehouse missions. The latest update reduces the cost of buying vehicles and special cargo warehouses by 30%, and also offers a 50% cash bonus for completing cargo missions. Thanks to these time-limited privileges, it is easy to earn quick money by doing warehouse trading.

To make the most of this opportunity, GTA 5 players must buy several warehouses, fill them with cargo to activate one of the special cargo missions, and then sell as much cargo as possible to get maximum profit. PCGamesN offers players to start with a small warehouse and earn enough money in GTA 5 to buy a medium-sized warehouse. The process continues until the player is able to buy a large warehouse with the goal of eventually selling the property. Filling a large warehouse can take about two hours, but the result is worth it, since a full large warehouse costs four million dollars.

Since this is a weekly GTA 5 update, the discounted property and cash bonus will expire by the next weekly update. Players have until June 23 to earn as much money as possible before they have to look for other financial opportunities. However, it is likely that similar exploits will appear in future weekly updates of Grand Theft Auto 5, which will give fans of the game a lot of chances to succeed by making questionable deals.