GTA 5 And GTA Online: How To Transfer Your Game From PS4/Xbox One To PS5/Xbox Series


GTA 5: Rockstar Games explains how we can carry over our character’s progress from single player to multiplayer without losing anything along the way. GTA 5 and GTA Online are getting closer to their premiere on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, the third generation of consoles in which you can enjoy a video game capable of exceeding 160 million units sold worldwide. Those who currently own Grand Theft Auto V and play both single-player and GTA Online and want to carry over their progress to PS5/Xbox Series will be able to do so without losing anything along the way. We explain it to you.

How to transfer your GTA 5 and GTA Online character from PS4/Xbox One to PS5/Xbox Series

GTA 5 players on PS4 and Xbox One can now transfer their Story Mode progress and GTA Online characters and progress to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, or between platforms. The transfer is unique (once only) and irreversible.

To transfer your game, simply upload a game save to the Rockstar Games Social Club.
To start the process, launch GTA 5 with your current console account.
Next, go to the Game tab of the pause menu.
Choose Upload Saved Game.

The transfer includes characters, GTA$ (in this case only between consoles of the same family), progress, statistics, vehicles, properties, weapons, clothes and self-created activities

There can be no more than one game save per platform in the Rockstar Games Social Club. The game will be stored pending download for 90 days. It is already possible to make this transfer, although GTA 5 will not arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series until next week.