The Growth of Kristen Stewart as an Actor from Twilight to Seberg


The video, which focuses on the role of Kristen Stewart, reveals the impressive acting of the successful actress, ranging from Twilight to independent productions such as Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper.

Coming to the 2002 Panic Room by David Fincher at the age of 12, Kristen Stewart stepped into improving her acting role in subsequent films such as Speak, Zathura: A Space Adventure, The Messengers, In the Land of Women, The Cake Eaters, Oscar ‘ She had a chance to work with Sean Penn in the 2007 film Into the Wild, which was a candidate for the film.

But he made his big debut in the Twilight series, where he was in front of the camera with Robert Pattinson. This series, which allowed Kristen Stewart to announce her name to large audiences, steals the hearts of young audiences, and has gotten her negative comments from critics. Stewart, who has not been able to perform a remarkable performance in the four-movie Twilight series, and even has been nominated for the Razzie Awards, where the worst of the year was determined, Stewart, the comedy-like Adventureland, who brought the Snow White story to the screen with a new interpretation, Snow White and the Huntsman The Runaways, in which he played rock music icon Joan Jett, tried to show a different aspect of his acting thanks to films such as On the Road, which was adapted to the cinema from Jack Kerouac’s memorable work.

A Successful Video Revealing Kristen Stewart’s Acting!

It was a matter of curiosity how Stewart would steer his career after the end of the Twilight series in 2012. Many people, including myself, thought that Kristen Stewart would disappear after the Twilight series. Kristen Stewart, however; With his performance in Clouds of Sils Maria, directed by Olivier Assayas, he not only won one of the most prestigious awards of France, but also showed everyone that he was a good actor by breaking the prejudices about him. Having shown an excellent performance with Personal Shopper, which she reunited with Olivier Assayas in 2016, Stewart made the best performance of her career according to some.

Kristen Stewart, who shaped her career with independent films after Twilight opened a new page and made the right choices in this regard; Camp X-Ray, Still Alice, Anesthesia, Equals, Certain Women, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, J.T. LeRoy threw the Twilight label on his films. The actress, who started to be the wanted face of independent films, also appeared in a blockbuster movie like Charlie’s Angels. Finally, Seberg, who gave life to Jean Seberg, one of the iconic names of the French New Wave, added another catchy production to his filmography.

You can watch the Fandor video below, which has rapidly and effectively climbed the career ladder over the years and made an in-depth look at the acting of Kristen Stewart, who made a name for her role choices.


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