Group video calling on WhatsApp: four questions and answers


Group video calling is possible via WhatsApp. With the feature, users can connect with multiple people at the same time easily and for free. The tool is useful for those who need to hold meetings at a distance or keep in touch with friends and relatives who are away, since the messenger allows video conferencing with up to four people simultaneously.

The function is available in the app for phones with Android or iPhone (iOS) and can also be used in WhatsApp Web with a trick. Check out how to make a video call with multiple people on WhatsApp and other questions and answers about the feature below.

1. How to make video call on WhatsApp in group
To make a video call on WhatsApp in a group, just follow a few steps. Choose the first contact you want to call and open a conversation. Then, tap the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

When the person answers the call, you can add more users to the conversation. To do this, touch the icon with the “+” in the upper right corner and select the desired contacts. The process can be repeated up to a limit of four users.

2. WhatsApp group video call: how many people can participate?
WhatsApp allows group video conferencing with up to four people. Any participant can leave the call at any time – the call will end only when only one person remains in the conversation. In addition, the creator of the video call can leave the call before termination, without prejudice to the other participants.

Among the limitations of WhatsApp video conferencing, there is also the impossibility of switching images with video, such as sharing the cell phone screen – ideal function for online classes and meetings. The tool, however, allows the user to alternate between video or audio only. The feature also allows you to use another mobile application and continue the call – your video will be paused.

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3. How to make video call through WhatsApp Web
It is possible to make a video call through WhatsApp Web with a trick. To do this, you need to install the Android version of the application on the computer using emulators such as BlueStacks or Nox. Then, you need to download the WhatsApp APK and install the messenger on the emulator. To continue, register your number on the platform and start a new conversation with a new contact. Then, save the contact and choose the option “Video call” to place the call.

If you plan to do a videoconference on your computer, the ideal is to avoid WhatsApp and resort to programs made especially for this purpose for the desktop.

4. What are the alternatives for videoconferencing?
WhatsApp has some competitors when it comes to video. Among the options with extra functions, it is possible to mention HouseParty, Skype, Hangouts, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The apps, suitable for videoconferencing, allow calls with up to 300 users, as is the case with Microsoft Teams. In addition, some applications have tools that make it possible to share files, texts or presentations.

Hangouts, for example, allow users to merge video with slides, an option that can be very useful for teachers who offer online classes. Skype allows the user to blur the background during a video call and activate subtitles.


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