Grounded targets 60 fps on Xbox Series X


The survival title developed by Obsidian Entertainment is in early access and will be optimized for new consoles.

How does it feel to be as small as an insect? Few know it, but players will be able to experience something similar to what the characters of Cariño went through, I have shrunk the children from the hand of Grounded, the new production of Obsidian Entertainment, also creators of The Outer Worlds. In an entry published on Xbox Wire, the study has confirmed that its survival video game, currently in early access, will be optimized on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It will do so through the Smart Delivery tool, with which they intend to reach 60 fps and 4K resolution.

The magnifying glass in detail

“Grounded targets 60 fps on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which offers a substantial improvement in game performance on next-gen consoles. Obsidian clarifies that the real 4K will reach the most powerful model of the machine and they promise greater attention to detail. As if that were not enough, other aspects will also improve, such as the duration of the loading times or the implementation of the HDR. “Every blade of grass and every aphid looks spectacular on screen.”

The title is available now on Xbox Game Preview, Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Store, and Steam Early Access. As part of the Ultimate subscription, players have the opportunity to test it in the cloud. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, meanwhile, will go on sale next November 10. From that date you will be able to enjoy the version optimized for these consoles.

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