Gross: 13 Things Fans Don’t Know about Kiba


In Naruto, one of the fan-favorite characters was the dog-loving Kiba Inuzuka, a member of Konoha 11. Together with his best friend Akamaru, Kiba won the hearts of fans with his excitable attitude and ferocity in battle. Although he could never defeat Naruto, he was a powerful ninja with a strong spirit. No matter how little screen time they got, this Inuzuka duo remained on the list of favorites.

However, there is even less Kiba in Boruto. Fans rarely see him or Akamaru. Like many ninjas of the last generation, he moved forward in life. Between his girlfriend, dogs, and police work, he’s a very busy man. This doesn’t mean that fans don’t like to catch up with him, although a few times when they can.

Updated by Amanda Bruce on July 18, 2022: As the Naruto franchise continues to expand, it seems there’s always something new to learn about the fan-favorite characters. Boruto’s sequel series has allowed viewers to see where their favorites end up, but there are always more details about these characters that fans might miss. There is a lot of information in manga, anime, movies and databooks. The most interesting details about Kiba Inuzuka come from all these sources.


In Naruto, fans learn that Kiba’s family is closely related to ninken or ninja dogs. Akamaru and Kiba are a couple that fans see all the time, but his mother and sister also have powerful fangs on their sides. Together with its partners, the Inuzuka clan is unique and powerful.

It’s no different from Boruto. Although he is no longer the same shinobi, he still protects Konoha and takes great care of the dogs. So much so that he became the best Ninken breeder, known throughout the country for his well-trained dogs. It seems to Kiba that Akamaru was just the beginning of his dog adventures.


For some fans, this is strange information about a fictional character. However, in Japanese manga and anime series, screenwriters traditionally provide information about blood type in supplementary materials due to the theory of personality associated with blood groups. Blood type B is associated with empathy and independence.

Kiba fits very well into this idea. He is a natural leader in his team, but his tendency to work independently can lead to conflict with Naruto when they are teenagers. He is also incredibly empathetic, understands Hinata’s shyness better than most, and helps protect and educate her. Kiba actually has the same blood type as the main character, as well as Tsunade, Jiraiya and Ten Ten in Naruto.


Since so many Naruto anime were created when the manga was still being written, there are many additional storylines, and there are also many abilities for the main characters that are exclusive to the anime. Naruto and Sasuke have several of them, but although Kiba is a teenager in the Kurenai Team, he has only one technique from the anime: Super Wolf Fang.

This is an offshoot of the often used Kiba Combined Transformation of a Man-Beast. There, Kiba and Akamaru team up to create a two-headed wolf-like dog that is a powerful shinobi. After they have done this, this technique requires them to rotate their common body to attack the enemy. The rotation is so powerful that it is difficult for anyone to counteract it or see them through the rubble left behind.


Naruto manga and its databooks reveal the birthdays of most of the main characters of the series. Kiba’s birthday is July 7, so it falls at the beginning of the Cancer season in the Western Zodiac.

Cancers are known for making friends easily, as well as being incredibly emotional and intuitive people. Kiba usually shows his emotions the most when it comes to his dogs and his close friends, but he also quickly accepts new friends into his circle. Despite the fact that he and Naruto constantly quarrel in childhood, Kiba is one of the first children in the Shinobi Academy who try to make friends with Naruto.


Thanks to his work in the local police and the status of the best breeder, Kiba became a local celebrity. Various dog brands pay him to star in their ads. Therefore, when Boruto ninjas turn on the TV, it is not surprising that Kiba appears on the screen.

Among Konoha 11, Kiba was one of the stupidest. Having a side gig as a TV presenter fits perfectly into his clumsy nature. There is no doubt that he is very proud of his little celebrity, especially since his beloved dogs participate in it.


When fans first met Tamaki, she was a young saleswoman working in an abandoned village with her grandmother. Despite the strange visitor, they lived there alone with their numerous cats. Sasuke and his team may not have been very warm, but Tamaki remained kind and helpful.