Große Beule: Amira Pocher wurde vom Arzt falsch behandelt!


Amira Pocher (29) definitely imagined it differently! Oliver Pocher’s wife (44 years old) reported on her health in early September: A blood test showed that she suffers from iron and vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, the mother of two children is being treated now, but during a visit to the doctor something went wrong: Amira was treated incorrectly, which is why she has a big bump has formed in my hand!

In her Instagram story, the former Let’s Dance candidate revealed what happened to her first iron infusion. The doctor stuck a needle in her arm and gave her a bell so she could let her know when she was done. “I’m like this:”It seems strange.” Somehow there was such a bump and at some point I dared to ask after fifteen minutes,” she described the situation. Apparently, the doctor missed the blow, so her arm swelled up.

Amira is currently undergoing several procedures. In August last year, the moderator removed only a few of her tattoos with a laser. “If several young people are looking at me, please think twice! Taking things off is not only expensive, but also very painful!”, the 29-year-old girl offered her fans.


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