Grindr fined R $ 63.8 million for revealing user data


The Grindr dating app received a fine equivalent to R $ 63.8 million in Norway (NOK 100 million) after sharing private user data. The company was condemned for releasing user information to ad companies.

The process started in January last year, when Grindr was accused of sharing data such as location and the user’s device with advertisers. The company was condemned by the Norwegian Consumer Council and has until February 15 to respond to the legal action.

In addition to disregarding Europe’s privacy laws, the app is focused on the LBGTQ + audience and the information could be used to indicate the user’s sexual orientation without consent. “Our preliminary conclusion is that the leak is very severe,” says the Norwegian agency responsible for the process.

One more case

The R $ 63.8 million fine is just another controversial case involving Grindr. The company has already been involved in other situations in which user data has been exposed or misused.

In 2018, for example, the app shared users’ HIV status without consent with other companies. Grindr justified the situation by saying that the practice is an industry standard, but stopped doing so after receiving criticism.

In October last year, a serious security breach was also discovered in the application. The vulnerability made it possible to easily access Grindr profiles through the browser.


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