Griezmann and Messi: can no longer support each other


Nothing goes between Griezmann and Messi, their relationship is still as tense! We’ll give you more details.

The atmosphere still seems very tense between Antoine Griezmann and Leo Messi.

After a short international break, the young Frenchman is finally back in his Barcelona club. A comeback that promises to be complicated once again.

Notably because of the tensions between him and Messi. A lot of ink has been spilled over the past several days between Griezmann and Messi.

The Argentine, for his part, is annoyed by all the rumors about their relationship. As for Griezmann, he prefers to be discreet.

But the young Frenchman was taken to task on Thursday after training. A fan of FC Barcelona has indeed waited for the exit of the player to launch: “Messi we respect him”.

A non-violent attack certainly, but one that makes a lot of sense. The Frenchman did not respond to this provocation. In any case, Griezmann’s popularity rating does not seem to be at the top in the Spanish city.


Lately, it is the words of a relative of Griezmann that have ignited the powders. In a report on the young Frenchman, his uncle was quick to offer his thoughts on the player’s situation at Barcelona.

“I was convinced that Antoine was not going to do well for the first 6 months at Barca. “She confides first. Before specifying that this has now been going on for a year.

“Besides with Messi around… I know what’s going on inside so it’s not easy. »He finally let go. Finally, he confides that at Barça “it does not work enough”.

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It didn’t take more than that for the Spanish press to pick up on the subject. The journals therefore went to meet Messi on his return from his selection with Argentina.

Asked about the subject, he won’t say more. “I’m tired of always being the problem at the club,” he said simply. Case to be continued.


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