GRID Legends, Multiplayer Impressions. Survive On Asphalt


GRID Legends: We tell you our impressions about the multiplayer of GRID Legends, the new work of Codemasters that will arrive on February 25 on PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC. GRID Legends is Codemasters second work within the Electronic Arts label. The saga takes a leap in ambition with its commitment to a story mode where the narrative force prevails in development. This trend is not new for the team. F1 2021 already offered similar content during the Braking Point campaign.

But the delivery does not forget its multiplayer offer either. At FreeGameTips we have participated in a game session in which we have been able to run the first races with other users on the network.

Survive on asphalt

Moscow street circuit. More than 18 cars meet to reach the finish line before the rest. Once the traffic light goes out you realize the reality: you do not drive to win, but to survive. The first contact with GRID Legends honors the saga. The arcade style of the game takes you to approach the race from a different perspective than the simulation. It’s lighthearted, but at the same time it offers you enough mechanics so that your ability is the one that makes the difference.

In our case we started the race in twelfth position. You can imagine what happens when you start in the middle of the peloton: hits from behind, crashes in front of you… chaos takes over the asphalt. Somehow you are immersed in a different career than the rest. You try to avoid obstacles and achieve the best position. Fighting for an 8th or 9th position is just as fun as a higher one.