Grey’s Anatomy: Will Jo and Jackson be more than friends?


Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has started in the United States. Jackson and Jo may well end up forming a relationship.

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy kicked off last week in the United States. Fans could see a certain rapprochement between Jo and Jackson. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Our favorite doctors are finally back! After several months of absence, Grey’s Anatomy returned with a season 17. Fans got to see Meredith again and the production chose to tackle a very topical subject: Covid-19.

In the first few episodes, Meredith and the other doctors had to deal with a virus in Seattle. The Gray Sloan had to treat many patients and some doctors put themselves in danger. At the end of the day, Maggie’s sister passed out in the parking lot and was in terrible trouble.

So, in the new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, fans will get inside the doctor’s head. While she is dying, Meredith is going to think she’s seeing Derek again at the beach. It announces some big emotional moments and the fans will not get over it.

Speaking of a couple, two doctors seem to get very close on the show. Jo is determined to turn the page with Alex and slept with Jackson!


Alex left Seattle and left Jo behind in Grey’s Anatomy. The doctor is not in top form and recently suffered from depression. Nevertheless, she refuses to let go and wants to take control of her life. So she started by asking Jackson to sleep with her, echoes Melty.

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This proposal must have surprised all fans of the series. And for good reason, the two characters have never been very good friends. Jo cried before taking action and it unsettled Jackson a bit. Nevertheless, we suspect that the two doctors will continue to get closer in the future.

So, why not picture Jackson with Jo in Grey’s Anatomy? April’s ex hasn’t been dating Maggie for a while. Then, he also ended his affair with Vic (Station 19) not long ago. So he’s free as air and can get closer to Jo.

Jo, on the other hand, deserves a little love on the show. The doctor went through a complicated time with meeting her mother, her depression and the sudden departure of Alex. So we can only hope that the two characters end up together!


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