Grey’s Anatomy: Will Jessica Capshaw return to the show?


In the series Grey’s Anatomy, actress Jessica Capshaw could make her comeback. Will she play Dr Arizona Robbins again?

For one show, the entire cast of Grey’s Anatomy got together. Jessica Capshaw, who left for season 14, was present with her co-stars. Is she considering a return?

No viewer of Grey’s Anatomy series could forget Doctor Arizona Robbins. Indeed, she remained in the American show for a long time before saying her farewells at the end of season 14.

And for good reason, the pretty blonde, played by Jessica Capshaw, was leaving to join Callie with their daughter Sofia in New York. Life in Seattle didn’t appeal to him anymore.

However, she might come to her old town for an intrigue. A scenario that would not be impossible since Jessica Capshaw does not seem to have drawn a line on Grey’s Anatomy.

For example, the actress was spotted on “Stars In The House”. And this, with a good part of his former co-stars.

So, cast members were present. Namely: Chandra Wilson (Bailey), Camilla Luddington (Jo), James Pickens Jr. (Webber), Kelly McCreary (Maggie), Kim Raver (Teddy), Kevin McKidd (Owen) and many more.

So, seeing her in the middle of all her co-stars could herald her big comeback in the show. In any case, that’s what his fans hope …


Indeed, seeing Jessica Capshaw with the rest of the cast for Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy portends good news for the sequel.

So, a possible Arizona return in the next few episodes. Especially since Camilla Luddington has already opened the door for him.

And for good reason, his character, Jo, longs for change lately. It’s very simple: she wants to go to pediatrics.

So Camilla Luddington assured that she is “ready for the pink outfit”. But that’s not all ! She also added: “And maybe Capshaw could come back”. To be continued in Grey’s Anatomy.


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