Grey’s Anatomy: why is Patrick Dempsey returning?


Why is Patrick Dempsey back in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy? We give you more details. Why is Patrick Dempsey making his comeback in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy?

He is by far one of the most iconic characters in the famous medical series. Known by the nickname Dr. Mamour, Derek Sheperd arrives in the series from the first episodes.

Portrayed by actor Patrick Dempsey, his character will experience a passionate love affair with the show’s heroine, Meredith Gray. The fans fall for him.

He will therefore very quickly become one of the most adored characters of the series. Their couple fascinates and despite all the dramas that surround the beginning of their relationship, the two lovers always end up meeting.

So we see them at the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy as simple lovers. To finish a few seasons later married with 3 children.

But Zola, Bailey and Ellis must grow up without a father figure! Indeed, in season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy, Derek Sheperd is the victim of a serious accident.

Following a series of bad decisions made by the doctors treating him, Meredith Grey’s sweetheart ends up brain dead. He will then be unplugged in the presence of his wife.

His death and his departure have shocked fans of the series! The loss of such an important figure is never easy to accept. Without surprise.

But according to the latest news, it looks like Patrick Dempsey is back in season 17. Let’s face it, the return of a dead doesn’t bode well! We tell you everything.


6 years after leaving the series, Patrick Dempsey will therefore be back in Grey’s Anatomy. Eh yes ! But why is the actor back on the show?

The actor says he was inspired by the doctors who fought the Covid-19 pandemic in real life. In an interview for This Morning, Patrick Dempsey recounts his exchange with Ellen Pompeo, the interpreter of Meredith Gray.

“Ellen and I had a chat. And we wondered what we could do to give people hope. “Says the 55-year-old actor. “I wanted to put the spotlight on the health workers and the doctors who take care of us. »He adds.

Patrick Dempsey also explains that his return to Grey’s Anatomy will be “very interesting”. We will still have to wait for the broadcast of the next episodes of the series to find out more. Patience…

In the meantime, one wonders if he will come back in a Meredith Gray dream. Or will the famous surgeon die and see him, much like Lagertha found Ragnar in Valhalla?

Too many questions that will remain unanswered for the moment. Strongly the return of the medical series on our small screens to discover all this! Stay tuned, up close.


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