Grey’s Anatomy: Why does Derek have to go back?


Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has started in the United States. The first episodes came as a nice surprise to fans of the series.

A few days ago, Gray’s Anatomy fans got to see the first two episodes of season 17. The production surprised fans very much. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

The Doctors Series knows how to be forgiven! A few months ago, Gray’s Anatomy fans weren’t able to see season 16 in full. The production had to stop filming due to Covid -19.

So the fans hadn’t been able to experience the Season 16 grand finale and were very sad. Nevertheless, after a few weeks of delay, the doctors have finally made their big comeback on TV.

On Thursday, November 12, Grey’s Anatomy fans watched two episodes of Season 17. Meredith had to deal with Covid-19 and had to treat many patients at Gray Sloan. However, Zola’s mother passed out in the hospital parking lot.

Thus, the character of Ellen Pompeo is seriously ill and may even die. Her colleagues will bend over backwards to heal her, but Meredith seems to have visions… of Derek!


For the new episodes of Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy, audiences dive into Meredith’s mind. So, she has a dream and finds herself at the beach facing her lifelong love: Derek. In the episode 3 trailer, the doctor can be heard telling her husband that she misses him very much.

This reunion, fans have been waiting for a long time. Thus, Krista Vernoff, the showrunner made the fans’ wish come true and did well. Indeed, no one expected to see the two star characters together again.

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“It was my job to find a way, once we decided to put the pandemic into the storyline, to bring joy to the fans. To allow them to really get away from it all and to give them something they would like. And I had the idea of ​​some kind of Meredith’s dream, ”she said.

The production asked Ellen Pompeo who they’d like to see return in Grey’s Anatomy. So the actress would have directly thought of Patrick Dempsey, echoes Melty.

Finally, the actor didn’t hesitate a minute to agree. “Everything is so dark right now, and we knew that being together would be a little sunshine for the fans. The idea was really to make people happy and Patrick loved the concept. », Said Krista Vernoff.


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