Grey’s Anatomy: Why did Derek and Izzie leave the show?


The Grey’s Anatomy series has welcomed many interns and surgeons. But then why did Derek, Cristina and Izzie leave?

Released in France in March 2005, the series Grey’s Anatomy saw several of its characters arrive. But also to leave… MCE TV therefore returns to the departure of Derek, Cristina and Izzie.

Love stories, drama … Shonda Rimes’ series continues to draw a lot of ink, but also tears, and it is far from over.

In an interview with Tv Guide, Kelly McCreary revealed that season 17 would not be the last. Another one is already in the pipes of ABC … That is to say!

Regardless, the American medical series has seen a significant number of doctors arrive, but also leave. Starting with Derek, whose departure had moved Internet users.

The latter therefore unfortunately died as a result of a traffic accident. A brutal death… It occurred in season 11, which had shocked viewers. But also Meredith Gray, inconsolable.


Another iconic character who left the series, the young Izzie Stevens. Very popular with the public, the pretty blonde left the series in season 6.

While the celebrity press spoke of the strained relationship between the actress and the producer, others claim that it was for personal reasons that the actress left the show.

Sources close to actress Katherine Heigl have told Entertainment Weekly that she has returned to Los Angeles for family reasons. “She was about to adopt her daughter. She waited for the production call. We told him not to come anymore. It was hard for her. She didn’t understand. », Revealed a relative.

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How do you talk about Grey’s Anatomy without looking at Cristina’s departure? It was in season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy that Cristina Young made her big start.

Even before the start of the 2012 school year and as she was about to sign for two more years on her contract, Sandra Oh knew she had taken her character tour. So she had brought up the idea of ​​leaving. With producer Shonda Rimes.

A decision fraught with consequences … But that the producer heard. The two young women have slashed more than once. And it was about Cristina’s character on the show. A friendly showdown, which Sandra Oh had mentioned in an interview for ABC.


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