Grey’s Anatomy: why did all these actors leave the show?


Grey’s Anatomy fans are waiting for the sequel to Season 17. Over the years, fans have seen many of the show’s actors leave.

Grey’s Anatomy has been around for over 16 years and fans still love the series. Yet they have had to deal with the departure of many actors over the seasons. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

In a few weeks, Gray’s Anatomy fans will be able to see the rest of Season 17. The new season is delayed due to Covid-19. The production is indeed struggling to turn the episodes while respecting the sanitary measures. Nevertheless, she was able to catch up with the fans.

This new season highlights the Covid-19. So Meredith, Jo and the other doctors had to treat many patients at Gray Sloan. Doctors bent over backwards to treat them, but some fell ill as well. This is particularly the case with Meredith Gray.

Zola’s mother is at its worst in Grey’s Anatomy and her condition is only getting worse. Fans are therefore worried and hoping that she will eventually be okay. Nonetheless, it did get fans into Meredith’s head during her dream moments. So they got to see Derek again.

The series brought Derek back for a few episodes. Meredith was glad to be able to see her lifelong love again. But then, for Patrick Dempsey had left the show? It seems that the actor had taken the tour of his character. So he wanted to do other things, and his character died in a car accident.


Grey’s Anatomy fans will get to see Derek again in the sequel to Season 17. They also got the chance to reunite with George when Meredith was in a dream. George died on his way to leave Gray Sloan to join the military.

For his part, T. R. Knight had chosen to drop his character, because he appeared less and less in the series. Thus, he would have been somewhat disappointed and would have preferred to leave the show to embark on new adventures. A death that still shocked the fans from the very beginning…

Then, fans got to bump into Burke, Cristina’s ex-boyfriend, too. The two characters were even to get married in season 3. However, the character suddenly left Gray Sloan and chose to move to Switzerland. In fact, actor Isaiah Washington was fired for making anti-gay remarks about T.R. Knight.

This caused a huge scandal and the producers of Grey’s Anatomy preferred to fire him. Then, Izzie Stevens also left the series in a brutal way. After getting cancer, the doctor walked away from Alex and quit medicine. Actress Katherine Heigl seemed to have a hard time getting along with Shonda Rhimes, according to Culture Femme. Most of all, however, she would have left the show in order to have more time with those close to her.


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