Grey’s Anatomy: Who will Meredith meet after Derek?


Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus. Meredith goes to meet her loved ones on the beach when she is at its worst.

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy began several weeks ago. Fans got to see a few old key figures through Meredith. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Fans are still seeing old characters from Grey’s Anatomy. Season 17 arrived several months late due to the Covid-19. The audience was somewhat frustrated, especially since season 16 must have ended earlier than expected.

Nevertheless, the showrunners were able to be forgiven and this season has no shortage of surprises. Indeed, it stages the Covid-19 and the doctors of Gray Sloan have to treat many patients.

By the way, Meredith has ended up with the virus and is at its worst. While her colleagues are trying to treat her, Zola’s mother comates. So fans can get into his head and had the chance to see Patrick Dempsey again.

Derek, the lifelong love of Meredith made a few surprise appearances to the delight of Gray’s Anatomy fans. George has also made his debut and fans are expecting a lot from the sequel.


Grey’s Anatomy fans are going to have to be patient. Indeed, the rest of season 17 will not make its return before March 2021. Nevertheless, it still has some very nice surprises in store. In addition to Derek’s return, other former characters are expected to make appearances.

So, who close to Meredith could return to the show? Ellis may well arrive on the beach to talk to his daughter. After all, she has been a big part of Meredith’s life, although it hasn’t always been easy between them.

Nevertheless, Grey’s Anatomy fans are mostly waiting for Lexie’s return. Meredith’s sister was at Gray Sloan and had been able to meet her sister. They had become very close over time. Then, Lexie formed a lovely couple with Mark Sloan.

Lexie died in the infamous plane crash that shocked everyone on the show. Thus, his sudden death was very badly experienced by the fans, but also by Meredith. So, how about a surprise return from Chyler Leigh? The actress stars in Supergirl, but may well have done a few scenes for the medical series. However, we will have to wait to find out.


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