Grey’s Anatomy: Who Are The Highest Paid Characters?


Shock on the web! We tell you which character from the cult series Grey’s Anatomy has the best salary! Be careful, you will be surprised …

With hundreds of episodes filmed, the cult series Grey’s Anatomy never ceases to make the buzz! Unsurprisingly, the star actors make a very, very good living, whether in real life or in the series as a character. But who has the best salary at Gray Sloan Memorial?

Yang? Meredith? Hunt? Bailey? Webber?

Doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial endure a ton of stress! So they deserve to be paid generously, don’t you think?

Indeed, medicine is a lucrative profession for the brightest minds. Unsurprisingly, the salaries of doctors and surgeons are therefore always higher than those of other jobs.
As a medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy is full of surgeons. Even though the characters like to live small, their bank accounts are undoubtedly full!

However, not all positions in the medical field are created equal! Some deal with more sensitive cases than others and therefore get paid a little more.

Of all of Grey’s Anatomy careers, Dereck Shepherd has the biggest pay! And for good reason…

Derek has quite the CV! A world-renowned neurosurgeon, he is the Head of Neurosurgery, as well as Director of the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees!

Being a star surgeon has its little extras! Watch out your eyes! He earns an average of $ 369,909 per year, but being a member of the board earns him an additional $ 340,000 …

His participation in special projects brings him well over a million dollars a year! Shock!


The Chief of General Surgery and member of the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital Board of Directors has had a dream career! Indeed, Meredith Gray begins her professional journey as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital where life is a bit easy for her compared to others because her mother is respected and recognized!

She then chooses to specialize in general surgery! The average salary for his job is around $ 469,669!

Senior physicians who sit on hospital boards earn up to $ 340,000 more per year. This brings the total to $ 810,000! A very nice sum then!

But Avery wins more than her in the Grey’s Anatomy series! After joining Gray Sloan, Jackson becomes ENT and head of plastic surgery, a position that earns him $ 500,000 a year.

Before majoring in plastic surgery, Jackson moved into several departments, such as cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery. He is also the de facto chairman of the board of directors representing the Harper Avery Foundation, an organization founded by his grandfather.

Being chairman of the board earns him an additional $ 400,000! Bringing the total to $ 900,000!


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