Grey’s Anatomy: which character was the best last?


While the Grey’s Anatomy series is known to kill most of the characters, one of them had the best possible ending!

Grey’s Anatomy has been a hit with fans for years. And the least we can say is that the series has not spared its characters. However, one of the doctors had the best ending.

Grey’s Anatomy is a series known to make most of its main characters leave by killing them. Few have escaped death on the show. This is particularly the case of Lexie, Mark, Derek but also George.

The latter had terrible deaths. Fortunately, not all characters die at the end of Grey’s Anatomy. Some decide to go to another country. Arizona Robbins especially had the best ending.

Portrayed by Jessica Capshaw, Arizona has been around since Season 5. Head of Pediatric Surgery, she has done all she can to help the children. She also took Alex Karev under her wing.


In Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona is a very strong character who has represented the LGBTQ community. His love affair with Callie Torres has moved his fans. The pretty blonde has also gone through very difficult trials.

After the plane crash, Arizona’s leg had to be amputated. As a result, the latter experienced a big depression. She had clearly lost the taste for life. Over time, his zest for life resurfaced.

It must be said that the young woman is a character from Grey’s Anatomy known for her kindness, her optimism and her smile. Sadly, her character had to leave the series much to the chagrin of fans.

But her story ended well. Indeed, she managed to have sole custody of her little girl against Callie Torres. Eventually, the young woman decided to share custody by moving to New York with Callie.

Arizona even decided to open a health center in the city. Fans are also hoping the two young women have reconnected. And that they decided to get back together.

According to Reddit, “This is definitely the ending the character deserved.” For fans of Grey’s Anatomy this is the best ending ever!


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