Grey’s Anatomy: When will Jackson be a true love story?


Are Jackson Avery’s love stories in Grey’s Anatomy getting too boring? We tell you everything! When will Jackson have a real love affair in Grey’s Anatomy?

The handsome brunette made his debut in Grey’s Anatomy season 6. Jackson Avery arrived when Seattle Grace merged with Mercy West Hospital.

Since his arrival, the young surgeon has had a good relationship with some of his colleagues. We think of Lexie Gray, April Kepner or Maggie Pierce and Stephanie Edward.

More or less serious relationships that made the fans appreciate him more or less. But be aware that fans of Grey’s Anatomy are starting to tire of his love stories.

But under his air of tomboys, the young man still had serious relationships. We think of April Kepner in the first place.


This is one of his first long relationships in the Greys Anatomy series. Jackson Avery and April Kepner are dating secretly in the break room.

And although this one is very hard on the young woman at first, they end up breaking up after a few weeks. April moves on, she’s even about to marry Matthew when Jackson finally realizes he’s in love with her.

The two lovers get married and April gets pregnant. After a complicated pregnancy, she will give birth to a son who will die a few hours later. This traumatic episode will destroy their relationship. Indeed the couple will not survive.

The young surgeon from Grey’s Anatomy will also have a rather short relationship with Lexie Gray. Cut short because the latter was still in love with Mark Sloan and Jackson wanted him to become her mentor to learn cosmetic surgery.

Jackson Avery will also have a relationship with Maggie Pierce. It won’t end happily either.

Finally, he even had an affair with Jo. This time it was the young woman who needed to get over Alex’s departure.

After 17 seasons, fans of the series are starting to tire of Jackson’s stories. They prefer to see the development of his career rather than his love stories.


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