Grey’s Anatomy: What We Suspect Why Sarah Drew Was Fired


Beginning with the sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy, actress Sarah Drew played April Kepner in this ABC medical drama. However, as has happened with other characters, she is no longer part of the cast of this successful series that is currently broadcasting its 18th installment.

Throughout her story, Grey’s Anatomy, she has experienced the loss of many of her important characters. Like, for example, the heartbreaking death of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), or the tragic accident of George O’Malley (TR Knight), whatever the reason for the departure of the characters, it is always sad to see it on screen.

For almost ten seasons, Sarah Drew played Dr. April Kepner, this was before she was one of the actresses eliminated from Grey’s Anatomy for a surprising reason. Although April’s fans were relieved that she wasn’t killed on screen, the news angered a large part of ABC viewers.

In the sixth season, this character debuted in the episode titled “Invasion”, the doctor would have joined the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital after the merger between the hospitals. After causing the death of a patient through malpractice, April was fired from her for failing to check a patient’s airway after a fire.

However, when Derek became her new Chief of Surgery she was rehired, this connection caused her to end up falling in love with him. However, those feelings changed when she developed a relationship with Jackson Avery. They both fathered a baby, but unfortunately the embryo was diagnosed with Ostogenesis Imperfecta Type 2 and died shortly after birth.

The death of her son put a strain on her marriage and led April to work abroad as a trauma surgeon. When April returned, she and Jackson filed for divorce, just before April found out that she was pregnant with her second child. Later, she was reunited with her ex-fiancé Matthew (Justin Bruening) and they ended up getting married at the end of season 14.

Everything seems to indicate that Sarah Drew’s resignation from the program was not a personal decision, in an interview, she herself confessed that this was an order from the production, the words that she had been told were that the program “needed to be reduced” to accommodate the countless cast members.