Grey’s Anatomy: What We Suspect About Martin Henderson’s Exit From ABC Drama


Grey’s Anatomy is the long-running medical drama that has been on the air for 18 seasons through the ABC broadcast network. Premiered in 2005, the successful series starring Ellen Pompeo became the most watched program of its genre on television, achieving unbeatable ratings with each season.

The show was renewed for season 19 on ABC and is scheduled to air in late May with the final two episodes of the current installment. The original cast members who are still on the medical drama are expected to be back with more stories in the fall of 2022 when new episodes premiere.

And it is that of the members of the cast that began with the series in 2005, only three remain part of the current stories of the long-running series. The vast majority of them have faded over the years, but they continue to be memorable for the millions of Grey’s Anatomy viewers.

There are many characters who walked the corridors of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital throughout this time while telling their stories; and one of them is the one played by Martin Henderson, Nathan Riggs, who arrived with season 12 and then left in the fourteenth installment. The character remained on screen for a total of 48 episodes that aired between 2015 and 2017.

Martin Henderson’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy surprised fans, who had grown accustomed to the character becoming a love interest for Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo). Many have probably wondered what the reason was for the actor to abandon his role as Nathan Riggs after two seasons on the ABC series.

It was through an interview with Deadline while his last episode was airing at the time, that Martin Henderson spoke about the long-awaited demise of Nathan Riggs from Grey’s Anatomy. According to his statement, the character’s departure was planned that way and at the right time.

He “he only had a short-term contract with the series. This is my last year and I was hoping Nathan’s story would end. Bringing Megan back and ironing out the final details gave the character a reason to leave. That was always the intention when they decided to bring Megan back with this twist. The love triangle, the way they caused her death, her mutual infidelity; the way everything was handled was interesting. It’s been a fun few years on the show.”

As many fans will remember, on Grey’s Anatomy, Martin Henderson’s character was the husband of Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), the missing sister of Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). When she returned, Nathan’s arc had a happy ending and they left Seattle for Malibu.