Grey’s Anatomy: Was Derek being disrespectful to Meredith


Grey’s Anatomy fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to Season 17. Derek hasn’t always been easy with Meredith in the past.

Grey’s Anatomy fans will soon be able to see Meredith again for the rest of Season 17. Derek has not always been easy with her in the past and has even been very disrespectful. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Derek far too egotistical in Grey’s Anatomy? A few months ago, fans got to see the first episodes of season 17. The new season arrived very late due to the Covid-19. Not to mention that the production had chosen to end season 16 earlier than expected.

However, the showrunners were able to be forgiven. Indeed, season 17 highlighted an important subject: the Covid -19. Gray Sloan took in many patients and Meredith ended up with the virus. For weeks, she has been at its worst and even seems to comat. His condition continues to worsen and concerns the public.

So Meredith often dozes in Grey’s Anatomy and fans got to get into her head. So, in her dreams, Zola’s mother found her lifelong love, Derek. The audience was happy to finally be able to see Patrick Dempsey again after all these years. And for good reason, the character died in season 10.

The actor is expected to make a few appearances in the sequel to Season 17. Still, fans have not forgotten that Derek was often very disrespectful to Meredith. Even today, they find it hard to forgive his behavior. In fact, some have always found their relationship toxic.

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Meredith and Derek, that has always been a given in Grey’s Anatomy. From the first episode of the series, the two doctors fell for each other. However, they had to go through many painful moments and their relationship was often damaged. Especially since Derek didn’t always look his best.

Like everyone else, Derek had his moods on the medical series. Yet that doesn’t explain the way he treated Meredith. In fact, before his death, the couple was hanging on by a thread as Derek only thought about his work. “Honestly, I never liked him. He was selfish and was on the whole a c **, “a fan said on Reddit.

Another Internet user especially points to the way Derek spoke several times to his wife. “I know it’s a show with all the drama, but if a man calls me ‘pu ** that would be the end,’ another net surfer wrote. Still, other Grey’s Anatomy fans preferred to close their eyes.

“Merder is toxic, has always been toxic,” explained a fan of the series. Nonetheless, audiences mostly loved the couple for the many moments of romance, fiery statements and chemistry between the characters.


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