Grey’s Anatomy: Top 5 of Mark Sloan’s Actions!


Mark Sloan made history at Grey’s Anatomy. Back on his best actions in the medical series. Mark Sloan was one of Grey’s Anatomy star characters. Callie’s best friend has done some great things around him in the medical series. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Grey’s Anatomy fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Season 17. The new season is falling behind due to Covid-19, but the production knows how to be forgiven. Thus, the fans were treated to very nice surprises, including the return of Patrick Dempsey.

Season 17 highlights the Covid-19 and the doctors had to do everything to treat as many patients as possible. Nonetheless, at Gray Sloan, Meredith caught the virus and is in dire straits. Her condition continues to worsen and Zola’s mother suffers. It allowed fans to step into his dreams and see Derek again.

Fans were very happy to see Derek and George again. Nonetheless, they are hopeful that other characters will return. Besides, everyone would like to see Mark Sloan again. The character was very close to Callie and Arizona and had helped them have a child.

Mark Sloan has always been there for Callie’s child in Grey’s Anatomy. So, despite his love stories, he was always there to help with the baby. This character put his family who had become Callie and Arizona first and foremost. The three characters have always formed a beautiful trio.


In addition to always being there for Callie and the baby, Mark Sloan had a good heart. Indeed, in Grey’s Anatomy, he did not hesitate to take Jackson under his wing. The doctor saw that the intern had a lot of potential. So he backed him up and made him one of Seattle’s top plastic surgeons. Jackson has since known he owes everything to Mark and can only thank him.

Mark Sloan didn’t have an easy childhood and fans got to see it in some flashbacks. Indeed, when he was a teenager, it was Derek’s parents who took care of him. Mark has worked hard to be a great surgeon and has had a great career. He never gave up when nothing was won for him.

Then, Mark Sloan acted as a hero in Grey’s Anatomy. In Season 6, while Alex was dating Lexie, he got shot and was losing all his blood in the assessor. Mark didn’t hesitate to come to Alex’s aid and did everything to save his life. Thus, the character was able to leave his heart problems aside and jealousy to save Alex.

Finally, Mark has always been close to Callie and invested a lot in her. So, while Callie had doubts about her marriage to Arizona, he was able to reassure her and help them settle their relationship issues. Callie eventually married Arizona and Mark was there for her two friends.


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