Grey’s Anatomy: Too Many Characters in Medical Series?


The characters parade in the series Grey’s Anatomy. Perhaps a little too much to the taste of the fans who consider their development sloppy in short …

Well … are there really too many characters in the Grey’s Anatomy series? According to fans, the series would benefit from developing these a little more. Especially with such a prolific cast.

Grey’s Anatomy fans may have followed the show for years, but they are nonetheless critical. So when it comes to talking about the casting, they let go.

According to some fans, the list of characters is getting too long. This, to the detriment of real basic intrigues as to the mosaic which is emerging little by little.

While some have bowed out, like Sandra Oh or Doctor Shepherd, others have been around for a while. However, some ring hollow.

However, we are already coming to season 17 of the show produced by Shonda Rhimes. And some early-stage fans criticize him for including far too many doctors and patients at Memorial Hospital.

The fact that there are a lot of characters in Grey’s Anatomy isn’t what bothers the most. The medical drama would have everything to gain by expanding the latter a little more.


In reality, two schools clash. On Reddit, some Grey’s Anatomy fans have reported a lack of development.

In the face of this, others argue that the arcs and plots of the main characters take precedence over the rest. Their detractors put forward an entirely different argument.

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By lengthening the cast and bringing in recurring characters, the show would have lost its luster. The problem is, these minor characters don’t really advance the plot.

Grey’s Anatomy would also rest on its laurels by retaining the same scriptwriting facilities. “Maybe they should trim the cast,” one fan suggested.

Thus, the medical drama would focus more on the characters present. This, in order to give fans a show that matches the first seasons, as they claim.


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