Grey’s Anatomy: This word was banned in the drama!


Fans of Grey’s Anatomy can finally discover season 17. A word has long been forbidden in the medical series.

Grey’s Anatomy fans are very happy to be able to reunite with Meredith in season 17. For a long time a word was censored in the series and we explain all about it. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Grey’s Anatomy is quite an institution for the fans! The medical series began in 2005 and saw immediate success. Indeed, from the first episodes, the audience was able to follow Meredith, a young doctor who fell in love with Derek.

Then, the series highlights many original cases to say the least. Some make fans laugh, others make them cry. In any case, the formula works well since it has been more than 15 years that the show exists and is broadcast in France.

Nonetheless, for a long time the production had to censor a word in Grey’s Anatomy. As of Episode 2, Meredith and the other doctors were prohibited from using the word “vagina.” In this famous episode, Zola’s mother had to treat a rapist who had had his penis cut off by his victim.

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the series, had to fight with the ABC channel because of the word “vagina”. At that time, “penis” was on the screen, but by the other term …


So, instead of saying the word “vagina”, the actors had to come up with another term. As a guest at Jimmy Kimmel’s, Ellen Pompeo confided in this subject and explained that the word “vagina” had become “va-jay-jay” in Grey’s Anatomy.

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Thus, the chain accepted this famous word and the “problem was solved”, she confided. Moreover, it was set assistants who coined this term and it was subsequently validated by production.

So manners have changed a lot since then and the actors of Grey’s Anatomy can now say the word “vagina”. In any case, it was a heavy fight for Shonda Rhimes, who risked the trial well.

Fans will be able to see the rest of Season 17 starting Thursday, November 19 in the United States. As a reminder, Derek will be making his comeback!


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