Grey’s Anatomy: This was the story they had planned with the departure of Jackson Avery


Grey’s Anatomy, the long-running medical drama from the ABC broadcast network that currently airs on Thursdays of each week with new episodes of its 18th season, presented at the end of the previous installment the departure of Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), with a story arc that left fans wondering if he and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) finally ended up together after so long. However, the story that was shown on the screen was about to be different. (Season 17 ending spoilers)

As loyal Grey’s Anatomy fans know, in the past of the ABC series Jackson and April broke up, and then she returned to Matthew Taylor, the man she had earlier stood up at the altar to elope with the character. of Jesse Williams with whom he had his daughter Harriet.

Grey’s Anatomy fans were shocked at the end of season 17, when Jackson went to visit April and her daughter Harriet. His purpose was to make a proposal for them both to move with him to Boston while he took over the Catherine Fox Foundation. She simply accepted and they left together after revealing that she had separated from her husband Matthew Taylor during the pandemic.

The fact that Jackson and April left together in order to apparently conclude the story of these characters in Grey’s Anatomy, left fans wondering if they finally met as a sentimental couple or their relationship would be limited only to work issues. And although the future of both could be narrated through a spin-off, the truth is that the ending that everyone saw could develop on the screen in a different way according to Sarah Drew.

It turns out that the idea of ​​leaving Grey’s Anatomy fans intrigued as to whether April and Jackson had reconciled was planned. However, things could have been very different if actors Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew hadn’t stepped in when this story was written, which was told on the show before season 17 wrapped. Drew revealed the original plan for the fan-favorite couple, telling Insider the following:

“The proposition they gave me was that April was super pregnant with Matthew and Matthew wasn’t home when Jackson came over to pitch April the idea of ​​going to Boston with him.”

“There was a storm outside and Jackson had to deliver and deliver April’s baby at home, and through this whole experience, April decided to bring her entire family to Boston with Jackson.”

“Jesse and I talked about it and we thought it would be more satisfying for the audience if they were left with any hope of Japril getting together. Jesse approached the writers and they agreed, and then the story changed.”

Either way, the idea was to develop a proper outing for Jesse Williams and his character on Grey’s Anatomy, who stayed on the ABC medical drama for 12 seasons. The actor revealed in a recent interview what was the reason that led him to abandon the role he gave life to all this time, and at the same time he admitted how he was feeling lately when playing Jackson Avery in the series.