Grey’s Anatomy: this love story that angered fans!


Grey’s Anatomy fans are following Meredith’s love stories closely. So, they hated seeing her with George in the past.

Meredith has had a hard time finding love again since Derek’s death in Grey’s Anatomy. Fans follow her stories closely and hated seeing her once in a relationship with George. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Fans always have a say in Grey’s Anatomy. The series has been around for over fifteen years and audiences have seen many love stories. It of course started with Meredith and Derek. Indeed, the two characters met from the first minutes of the series.

So, very quickly, Meredith fell in love with Derek. Their story was not easy, however, and the doctor had to face several disappointments. First, she had no idea that Sheperd was married in the very first episode of the series. So she fell in the clouds and did everything to get away from him.

However, it is very difficult to fight against his feelings and Meredith is well aware of it. So, in Grey’s Anatomy, she ended up dating Derek. The two doctors even got married and had children together. However, it took a lot of their time as well as several ruptures …

In Season 2, Derek broke up with Meredith in an attempt to save his marriage to Addison. An event that broke the heart of the doctor and therefore took refuge in the arms of … George.


Grey’s Anatomy fans have always known George had a crush on Meredith. Indeed, from the very first episode, the latter had his sights set on her. He even did everything to get close to her to the point of deciding to roommate. Nevertheless, the doctor was never very receptive and always considered him a friend.

Yet in Season 2, Meredith, heartbroken after her breakup with Derek, lost her footing. As she had to face her father, she was showing herself more vulnerable than ever. So she spent an evening with George and the two characters ended up sleeping together. Nevertheless, she regretted it the very next day.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have always hated this scene. Indeed, for them, this scenario should never have happened, because George was heartbroken. “This is really the only scene in the show that is still playing,” one fan said on Reddit.

For them, the scene was embarrassing since the two characters were very good friends. However, some believe that they are both at fault for this situation. “They were also responsible for sleeping together. If it bothered her so much that she cried, she should have said no. No one is the bad guy or the innocent, ”said another fan.


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