Grey’s Anatomy: This is what the only real-life surgeons on screen do


Grey’s Anatomy first aired in 2005 on the ABC broadcast network. The long-running medical drama, arrived at the end of September for its season 18 and will return this week to the fan screens, to say goodbye with the final episode of the first half of the current installment. The series is scheduled to return sometime in the spring of 2022 with fascinating new stories from the rest of the installment.

Since Grey’s Anatomy debuted, it has immediately become a global success thanks to the drama-laden narrative in each of its character story arcs, the vast majority of which have left their mark on fans’ hearts. elprogram, is characterized by being one of the most authentic of its kind.

During its long career, fans have witnessed that the ABC series has always tried to portray reality in each of its scenes, with the greatest possible authenticity. What some probably do not know is that to achieve this it is necessary that the actors continue to adequately research medicine, and for this they have a team of professionals in the area.

On Grey’s Anatomy, behind-the-scenes cast members have the support of experts in the field of medicine. And every time a drama actor needs to find out about a particular plot related to some medical procedure, he consults with the investigator in order to make sure they are telling a story on screen with due precision.

Previously, it was said that in the ABC series there are members who, in addition to being executive producers, are doctors in real life. Examples are Dr. Zoanne Clack and Dr. Fred Einesman, an emergency room physician with studies in neurobiology, the latter of whom has a degree in film. These health professionals are in charge of explaining to the actors how the procedures are carried out.

During an interview, Grey’s Anatomy producer Jim Parriott stated at one point that the drama created by Shonda Rhimes has at its disposal an excellent medical producer who organizes these surgeries and also brings real surgeons to the film set. In addition, he revealed that these doctors have participation on the scene. This said:

“… So the manual work you see many times [on stage] is a real surgeon tying a knot.”