Grey’s Anatomy: This is the most watched episode in the entire history of the ABC series


Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical drama of all time on television, is currently broadcasting its 18th season successfully on ABC television, earning it a renewal for another installment and the hiring of new actors who have brought quite controversial stories to the drama.

Although Grey’s Anatomy continues to be popular among fans, its last seasons have not had the expected response since they failed to break the barrier of five million viewers that it obtained with the transmission of installment 17. An installment in which the successful drama doctor managed to reunite its main protagonists, including some from the past of the series.

Confirmation of this was the rating obtained by the first episode of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy, with which the ABC drama managed to conquer only 4.6 million viewers. The same was not the case when the series starring Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and Patrick Demsey (Derek Shepherd) was in its infancy, when its audience could easily exceed 30 million viewers.

On one occasion, during season 2 of the ABC medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy achieved a rating of 37.88 million viewers while it was airing the 16th episode titled “It’s the End of the World” according to TV Insider, which in addition to being completely shocking and literally explosive, marked a new stage for Dr. Meredith Grey.

In the aforementioned episode, a man arrives at the hospital with live ammunition inside him after being shot by a homemade bazooka, and the only thing that prevents the bomb from detonating are the hands of paramedic Hannah (Christina Ricci) and then Meredith. Grey, who after the episode begins to show signs of being depressed and having a kind of suicidal inclination due to all the traumas she has experienced.

Kyle Chandler, known for starring in the fictional series “Early Edition,” also participates in the episode as a guest actor. Chandler plays explosives expert Dylan Young who dies after the device explodes and later becomes part of Meredith’s conscience on Grey’s Anatomy.