Grey’s Anatomy: This is the actress who was originally going to take the role of Izzie


Grey’s Anatomy is known for being one of the longest running and most popular medical dramas on ABC television. Since 2005, its broadcast has been very successful, which is why it is currently difficult and almost impossible to imagine this drama without one of its beloved characters.

It’s even harder to imagine actress Katherine Heigl not getting her Emmy-winning role after playing Izzie Stevens. Recently it became known that she was not originally chosen to play Izzie, since there was another actress who was going to take her place.

To the surprise of many, who was going to be chosen for this role would be the student of Lost, Yunjin Kim. Recall that the veteran actress played Sun-Hwa Kwon for all six seasons of Lost, and it was she herself who revealed how things really happened.

Although Lost was one of his first auditions, Grey’s Anatomy was actually the first he ruled out, and they even offered to pay him for his trip to Los Angeles to audition for the ABC drama, and play one of the characters. most important of this Shonda Rhimes drama, this is how he detailed his experience:

“In fact, they paid me to bring me to Los Angeles to wait and audition for their shows; It was such a sweet deal. Lost was one of my first auditions, but Grey’s Anatomy was the first. I didn’t audition for the character of Sandra Oh [Cristina Yang], it was for Izzie. And I got a callback.”

Yunjin Kim reportedly auditioned for the medical drama while Lost was in development. Kim had her doubts about the success of Lost, and she thought that she “could like Grey’s Anatomy more”, however, despite this, the woman did not contact the ABC production.

Despite the fact that she did not manage to interpret the role of her in Grey’s Anatomy, the truth is that the two actresses did a wonderful job in their corresponding roles. Both Yunjin Kim and Katherine Heigl triumphed in the respective series, and it is difficult to imagine them playing other roles.

As we well know, throughout the seasons, many twists and turns happened in the life of Izzie Stevens, including her, at one point she was battling cancer, however, she managed to recover.