Grey’s Anatomy: This is the actor who made the most mistakes during his time in the drama


Grey’s Anatomy, the hit ABC medical drama that premiered in 2005, is currently airing its 18th season as renewal talks are underway. The series is scheduled to return to fan screens at the end of February, with the debut of the second half of the installment.

Since Grey’s Anatomy first released, fans have met a host of talented actors who have brought to life the different characters who became everyone’s favorites over the years, thanks to their fantastic arches. stories and the quality of interpretation of each one of them.

While on screen the magic of Grey’s Anatomy has kept millions of viewers hooked around the world, behind the scenes of the medical drama things are not so easy for those who spend hours after hours trying to film the fascinating scenes. Therefore, when making mistakes, none of the stars of the series is exempt, however, there was one who stood out more than the rest of the cast in this regard.

The actor who played Andrew DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy until season 17, Giacomo Gianniotti, while praising his co-stars whom he accompanied on set for six installments, revealed in a recent interview with Us Weekly which star of the drama he was. He made more mistakes while filming the scenes for the long-running medical drama.

Gianniotti claimed that Justin Chambers, the performer of Alex Karev until Grey’s Anatomy season 16, generally forgot his script lines during filming. at the same time, he called Ellen Pompeo the most hilarious and hilarious behind the scenes of the series. And about Owen Hunt’s Kevin McKidd, he said that he considers him his great friend and mentor.

Recall that on Grey’s Anatomy, Justin Chambers had a strange outing after sixteen seasons playing Alex Karev. The character said goodbye off-camera with a voiceover and through a letter said goodbye to his Gray Sloan teammates while revealing that he was going to live with his ex-wife Izzie Stevens, leaving his wife alone and devastated for that moment. , Jo Wilson. Without a doubt, this is the exit that caused the greatest annoyance to loyal viewers in the entire history of the program.