Grey’s Anatomy: This has been the most horrible episode of interpreting for Ellen Pompeo


Since 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has been successfully on the air across ABC screens. After 18 seasons in the public’s preference, the leading doctors of the former Seattle Grace Hospital have had good times, and some not so much.

This story follows the life of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), and currently Grey’s Anatomy has 388 episodes aired, where of course, we have seen how the protagonist has gone through different stages in her life, in which love story twists stand out. , plane crashes, crashes, infighting, tragic deaths and questions in medical practice.

It is not for less that the faithful followers of the medical drama created by Shonda Rhimes, have suffered and loved the cycles of this woman, however, who is actually Meredith’s number one fan, is her own interpreter, Ellen Pompeo, who he has remained steadfast in his role ever since.

As a good fan, she also often criticizes the episodes in which she has acted, and specifically remembered one that she described as the “most horrible” in her entire career as the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy, although she apologized to the person in charge of writing the script had to confess:

“I’m sorry for disrespecting whoever wrote it.”

This episode is titled “Song Beneath The Song”, and corresponds to number 18 of season 13. It was in one of her most recent interviews on her podcast Tell me with Ellen Pompeo, where the actress revealed with Patrick Dempsey how terrible it was star in that episode.

“You remember we did that horrible musical number, I mean, I’m sorry to disrespect whoever wrote it, but I mean that musical, we were horrified, right?” She “she had sang a little bit and was like, ‘Listen up, guys. I’m telling you right now that I can’t sing.”

Laughing, Ellen Pompeo was talking about such a “horrible” chapter and it is that, she catalogs it in this way apparently because of the shame that she had to live while doing it in front of the entire studio and before the eyes of her millions of viewers to international level.

Although the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy acknowledged lacking that talent, along with Dempsey, who became an icon in medical history after playing Derek Shepard for ten years, they applauded the great talent of the rest of their companions, Sara Ramírez, Chandra Wilson and Kevin McKidd.