Grey’s Anatomy: These 5 episodes that left their mark!


The directors of Grey’s Anatomy haven’t spared the fans. Indeed, several deaths will remain marked forever in the minds!

Over the many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, fans have witnessed the deaths of several main characters. And the least that can be said is that some deaths really marked the series.

At first, it was one of the favorite characters George O’Malley (Gray’s Anatomy) who died in season 5. As a reminder, the young man had decided to leave the hospital to join the army. But that’s not how his character left the show.

George O’Malley (Gray’s Anatomy) was hit by a bus while trying to save a woman. Disfigured, it took a long time for his colleagues to realize that it was their friend.

Eventually, Meredith’s friend is determined in the hospital, surrounded by his friends. Another terrible death: that of Lexie Gray. She died in a plane crash.

She was with her sister Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Arizona but also Mark. Under the helpless eyes of her love and her sister, she died from her injuries.


Mark Sloane (Grey’s Anatomy) who survived the crash died a few days later. He slowly allowed himself to die following the loss of his true love: Lexie. A death that really surprised the fans.

The death of Charles Percy in season 6 also caused tears to be shed. If the character was not really appreciated, his death moved more than one. As a reminder, he was a mad shooter victim.

It was alongside Bailey that he passed away. In the dark and calm corridors, he left peacefully. Finally, the death that surely marked the fans of the series the most is that of Derek Shepherd in season 11.

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The young man is also the victim of a road accident. While he could have survived, the incompetence of the doctors left him brain dead. It’s Meredith, his wife, who decides to unplug it.

A heartbreaking shoot, especially since the pretty blonde is pregnant with their child. At that time, neither her, nor her husband, nor the fans of the series are aware.


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