Grey’s Anatomy: The worst scandals the series had to solve behind the scenes


Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular and loved TV shows of all time, and while it has a few characters we’d love to replace and some notable inconsistencies, we still love tuning in for Reach Week. The show had a lot of drama in front of cameras and even more underrated stories that keep people coming back for more.

Turns out there was also a lot of behind-the-scenes drama that the production team wanted to keep away from fans. These brawls and squabbles might have ripped apart an ordinary cast, but Grey’s team stuck together and made magic happen on the small screen.

Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey

Things can get tense on set, but it’s pretty rare for artists to move while filming. Well, Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey couldn’t let cooler heads prevail one day while filming, and Today reports that the pair got physical with each other. That’s right, Grey’s Antomy fans, McDreamy, and Preston Burke threw it on set, but luckily, there were people around to break them up.

This surely contributed to the toxic environment that Ellen Pompeo has described in interviews, and we can’t imagine how terrible that filming day must have been for all parties involved. An argument is one thing, but actually fighting with another person only makes things worse for others.

TR Knight

George O’Malley remains one of the series’ most beloved characters, and actor TR Knight was brilliant as a doctor. He’s gone, and before hitting the bricks, he’d find himself at odds with, you guessed it, Isaiah Washington. Using an insult in any capacity is wrong, and once it became known that Isaiah Washington had used an offensive insult towards TR Knight, people quickly jumped on the story and Washington would eventually apologize for his actions, but the damage was already done. done.

Knight would eventually come out into the open, and we have to think that the news of this story played a role in this happening in a timeline that he didn’t like. He would eventually be removed from the series after having some friction with Shonda Rhimes and directing his character.

Katherine heigl

Speaking of friction, Katherine Heigl caused a lot of things herself after she was not at all complimentary to the writers who helped bring the show to life, and this led to one of the show’s most infamous behind-the-scenes moments. This issue is because Heigl withdrew her name from Emmy’s consideration because she felt the writing was not strong enough. Yes, she spoke publicly against the people who controlled the destiny of her character.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with anyone involved in the show, and she was ultimately discarded. It’s been years since Heigl was removed from the show, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be welcome back anytime soon. Shonda Rhimes is in full control and has been negative when she talks about Heig’s return. To be fair, we really can’t blame her. This must have been like a slap in the face to Rimes and the writers.

Ellen pompeo

Despite being the main character and the one who has been holding him back from the beginning, Ellen Pompeo had many times that she saw her consider leaving the show. It’s a good thing that she chose to stay, because this show continues to roll and is a force on the small screen.

Things will never be perfect on the set of a hit TV show, but it seems like Ellen Pompeo has contributed to making sure that things work out in the best possible way for the people who make Grey’s Anatomy happen every week. Hopefully, other production teams will take note of the progress Grey’s has made and ensure their sets are a healthy environment for everyone involved.