Grey’s Anatomy: the truth that destroyed Cristina Burke


Grey’s Anatomy fans have been following Cristina and Burke’s story. However, the couple ended because of a concern on the set.

Early Gray’s Anatomy fans were able to follow the Cristina Yang – Burke couple for a few years. However, due to a concern with the actor, the two characters ended up breaking up. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have long been able to follow Cristina’s adventures. The intern had met Meredith early in the series and soon became her friend. The two doctors had a lot in common and the fans loved their bond. It must be said that she did all 400 moves together.

Then, while Meredith was flirting with Derek, Cristina met Burke. At that time, Burke was the chief of cardiothoracic surgery and she admired his work. It must be said that he was very talented and the two characters got closer very quickly. However, they struggled to formalize their story.

Indeed, Yang had some ups and downs with Burke in Grey’s Anatomy. They broke up several times after many arguments. Then, their story didn’t last long on the show. And for good reason, in season 3, Meredith’s best friend was to marry Burke. Yet he fled.

Cristina was heartbroken on the show and Burke said goodbye to the hospital a few episodes later. Fans remember their couple very well, which was full of twists and turns. Yet it was the attitude of actor Isaiah Washington that ruined the two characters forever.


At the time, the mood on the set of Grey’s Anatomy was not good. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have admitted several times that there were great tensions in the first seasons. Moreover, the behavior of the interpreter of Burke had a big impact on the history of the series.

In 2006, a rumor announced that Washington had made homophobic remarks towards one of its co-stars. This rumor turned out to be true and the series found itself in the midst of a scandal. “The fallout from the scandal sparked discussion about everything. The hasty rewrite of an on-screen fight scene script … to rumors that Washington would be fired, “People said at the time.

So Burke’s interpreter was fired from Grey’s Anatomy. This ended Burke and Cristina’s love affair forever. In order to justify the actor’s departure, Burke found a job at a clinic in Switzerland. Besides, Cristina would have ended up finding him a few years later …

Fans, meanwhile, have always regretted the end of the two characters’ story. Indeed, they were a lot to like Burke on the show. “I liked the character of Burke and thought it was the best match with Cristina,” a fan said on Reddit.


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