Grey’s Anatomy: The Truth About Why Alex Karev Said Off Screen


Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running hit medical drama of all time on television, which premiered in 2005 and is currently airing its 18th season on the ABC broadcast network, while negotiations for a possible renewal remain in progress. march with the main actors of the program.

Throughout its history, Grey’s Anatomy has featured a significant number of characters who with their narrative arcs have enchanted millions of fans all this time. Most of them stayed by the wayside and while some simply made it out alive in the plot, others were killed. This is the way Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the series, has worked.

Because it is a medical drama, it is common to see many people die since the series is set in the Gray Sloan hospital, but what no one ever expects is that it happens to fan favorites. And while death is not the way the viewers want the characters to come out, taking it off the screen by saying goodbye through a letter is not either. This is how Alex Karev from Justin Chambers left.

Grey’s Anatomy fans said goodbye to Alex Karev at the end of season 16. His departure from the show that he starred in since the beginning of the series, divided viewers as some did not want him due to abandoning Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington), while others were disappointed above all by the way the drama took him out of the plot.

Recall that Alex Karev said goodbye to his co-workers through a voice-over and by means of a letter in which he related that he would go to live with his ex-wife Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and thus raise the children together. Twins. The truth is that many fans preferred at the time that the writers had murdered Chambers’s character, rather than removing him from the plot by moving him away from the camera.

So why did the pediatric surgeon get this kind of farewell? At the time, Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff revealed to Deadline why the writers chose not to kill Alex Karev. Apparently Shonda Rhimes didn’t kill the character because they wanted to give her a better game than an off-camera kill. She said this to the middle:

“I think there would have been at least such a big outcry if we had killed that character off-camera, and those were our choices. It was either killing the character off-camera, or coming up with some credible way to get his happiness forever.”

“Some of the fans have posited, ‘Well, he could have been off screen in Seattle as April Kepner [Sarah Drew].’ But then you have an actress on the show who can’t do any of the fun, sexy, and playful emotions we’re known for. Then you penalize the actors who stay on the show by limiting what you could do creatively with them. ”

Vernoff also acknowledged Grey’s Anatomy fans who were disappointed with the episode and therefore her reaction was not a surprise to her. However, she claimed that she would still have been angry if she had killed him. Therefore, she thought of these that made the production team of the ABC series happy.