Grey’s Anatomy: The spin-off Ellen Pompeo would like to see of these characters


This ABC medical drama has two spinoffs that follow characters who moved or changed careers, and this is not surprising, since after so many years many twists and turns have occurred in this dramatic story, in which the main star has been the actress Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray.

Given the incredible success of this drama, Grey’s Anatomy fans have reacted to the idea of ​​a new spin-off and Ellen Pompeo has also been supporting this idea, also admitting which of the characters they would like to see on their own show. .

The show has figured out ways to follow other characters, just like Derek Shepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) ex-wife, Dr. Addison Montogmery (Kate Walsh), was the lead character on Private Practice, and after six seasons , this medical drama ended in the year 2013.

Also, Grey’s Anatomy got another spin-off with Station 19. We watch as Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) decides to leave the hospital for a fire station. This show started in 2018 and continues to position itself with the number of views. She even has crossover events with the Shonda Rhimes show sometimes.

The medical show has so many characters that they just might get their show. In a recent interview, Ellen Pompeo confessed that she would like to see a drama based on the story of Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew).

“I am always open to any idea. I know people love ‘Japril,’ “said Ellen Pompeo, who shared her love for the fictional couple. Ella pompeo said that she was thankful that fans wanted the spinoff. But she also described Williams as “pretty busy.”

“Sarah Drew and Jesse are great to watch, but whatever Jesse wants and what Sarah wants, if they wanted to do it, then I’d be very happy for the fans,” she concluded, “I get it. I’d see it.” It’s unclear whether Drew or Williams really want to reprise their characters. But it’s good to know that Pompeo is also a fan of this couple.