Grey’s Anatomy: The Reason Season 18 Won’t Be Coming To Netflix In March


Grey’s Anatomy returned to the screens with its long-awaited season 18, everything happened since the long winter holidays, since then, each of the episodes has been surprising more and more viewers of the ABC television channel, as well as the other platforms. where this medical drama is being broadcast.

The episodes air on ABC and then go to Hulu the next day. This is not entirely surprising since Disney owns both the network and the transmitter. However, on Netflix this season 18 is not available yet, thus Grey’s Anatomy fans are wondering when the medical drama will be available.

The bottom line is that Netflix and ABC still have a deal for the long-running medical drama. After the season ends, the episodes leave Hulu and head exclusively to Netflix. However, according to the streaming platform’s release list, Grey’s Anatomy will not air this March.

Despite the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the production of Grey’s Anatomy has tried to meet its scheduled release schedule in recent years, so season 18 of this medical drama is expected to return to Netflix in June. 2022.

It is quite possible that the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy will end at the end of May, after finishing, the full season would take 30 days to reach Netflix, which suggests that in mid-June we can see it on streaming screens.

For now, the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale is expected to be a truly big one. What is expected is that the 400th episode is truly epic, and it is not for less, since for years, the writers have been doing a great job. Although there are no details of this next episode, at the moment it is known that it will be important for the production.

It has also been confirmed that ABC has renewed the medical drama for its 19th season, with Ellen Pompeo playing Dr. Meredith Grey, debunking rumors of her departure. That season is expected to be on Netflix around June 2023 as long as the contracts between Netflix and ABC don’t change.