Grey’s Anatomy: The real-life medical rule the drama broke in episode 9


Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running medical drama of all time on television, currently airing in its 18th season on ABC. Since the series premiered in 2005, fans have witnessed the hit series do its best to appear authentic on screen, but sometimes gloss over things it’s placed a lot of emphasis on in the past.

As a series that follows the personal and professional lives of the Gray Sloan doctors, Grey’s Anatomy has always made it clear in its stories that the characters must adhere to the codes of ethics regarding the practice of medicine, in their attempt to be as realistic as possible.

However, Grey’s Anatomy fans have seen that the production of the show occasionally forgets the professional ethics of doctors when writing the scripts related to some of its plots. And that was what happened with episode 9 of season 18, which aired on Thursday, February 24 during the premiere of the second half of the current installment.

After watching the episode “No Time to Die” aired last week, loyal Grey’s Anatomy viewers realized that surgeons at Gray Sloan broke one of the main rules in a recent scene while performing an operation involving Amelia. Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).

The Grey’s Anatomy scene in question showed Owen surviving the car accident after being rescued and arriving at the hospital where he was operated on his spine by Amelia, while at the same time Link was handling the surgery on his leg. While the dynamic seemed interesting, fans saw how they overlooked the professional ethic that has been previously talked about on the ABC drama.

As loyal fans will remember, on Grey’s Anatomy Amelia was married to Owen before they split in season 12 and started a relationship with Link, whom she recently broke up with. And just in this episode 9, things between these last two got intense after a heated argument. This made the surgery more dramatic and fans pointed out that they shouldn’t have been in the operating room together in the first place. This is how viewers on Reddit reacted to this conflict:

“I vividly remember in previous seasons ‘you can’t operate, he’s your husband,’ etc., but now we have ex-wives and baby moms operating on everyone.”

“I know in real life it’s not illegal but it’s considered unethical but on the show they made it such a big deal early on and now it’s completely glossed over. An uncle is involved in treating his nephews? I just don’t understand how now, seasons later, he’s not addressed.”

“How else can he do it? They don’t have any more surgeons.”

“I had the same thought! But at this point, everyone is related. I mean, they’re the only 10 surgeons in the entire hospital, right?

“A more recent surgery situation that I found ridiculous was when Megan was in the room while Farouk was in surgery. Even if she wasn’t operating, it must be extremely difficult for a surgeon to do her job effectively and with as little pressure as possible, with the patient’s mother crying in the room. When has that been allowed?