Grey’s Anatomy: the friends we wish we could see!


There are friendships that are evident in Grey’s Anatomy. However, some characters could have come closer and become close.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have seen many friendships spring up in the series. However, they also wanted some doctors to get closer and become friends. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Cristina and Meredith were like soul mates in Grey’s Anatomy. Fans got to see this from the first episode, as the two doctors had a lot in common. So, very quickly, Zola’s mother and Cristina became inseparable.

Still, other friendships could have emerged in the series. This is also the case with Cristina Yang and Stephanie. The intern looked a lot like Christina on the TV show. Indeed, just like her, she could lack compassion. Then, above all, she was very competitive and intelligent.

So Stephanie was a mini Yang and the two women could have gotten along in Grey’s Anatomy. Their friendship would have been obvious to the fans. However, audiences never got the chance to see them close on the show and so it’s a regret.

Similarly, April and Lexie could have made great friends if they had crossed paths. Indeed, in Grey’s Anatomy, Lexie was adorable, if a bit annoying in her first-in-class airs. So fans had to learn to love her over time, as April had. For her part, April has always been kind, but a little naive. She could have had a good friend to talk to like Lexie.


Then, Gray’s Anatomy fans may be sorry that Alex never got close to Richard. The pediatrician has always had great esteem for the Chef. Then, as SreenRant confided, when Alex was making his debut and being cocky, Webber was the only one who knew how to calm him down and make him better.

The two characters, however, had a very good time together. We remember when Richard tried to help Alex sabotage Jo’s date. Then Karev asked Richard for a lot of advice when he became interim chief of the Pacific North. Finally, Richard is one of the few who received a farewell letter from Alex in Season 16 …

Finally, Grey’s Anatomy fans would have been delighted to see Derek get closer to Bailey. After all, the two doctors used to work together. Yet in the show’s early days, Derek was close to Burke and Richard… but never to Bailey.

The two characters, however, had good times. As ScreenRant echoes, in Season 4, Bailey and Derek shared some memories of their teenage years. They had learned that they had the same kind of friends and were somewhat lonely. Although the characters had a good relationship, they had few scenes together …